Learning a Straddle Handstand Press as an adult

18 Dec

Many adults need to start working a press on a version easier than starting from the feet. Here is a quick tutorial from Dave Durante of PowerMonkeyFitness on how to do it! Straddle Press Progression for Adults

Adult Gymnast/Scientist talks about her work/life balance and what gymnastics gives to her.

22 Oct


Listen if you’re struggling with making the decision to make time for yourself again.

BBC Radio The interview starts at about 2 hr. 10 minutes!

Podcast: Kristie Phillips – the champion gymnast who never made it to the Olympics

3 Oct

In 1986, there was a Sports Illustrated cover. In 1987, there was a U.S. national title. In 1988, the world expected to see Kristie Phillips at the Olympic Games. It never happened. The media speculated it was because she had gained weight. Distraught and devastated, she stepped away from the sport for nearly a decade. In the end, Phillips returned to competition, made her peace with the sport, and now is a respected gymnastics judge.


Listen to hear why she came back to gymnastics as an adult and the healing that took place for her during her comeback.

Be like Serena and Roger: Older amateurs offer tips for maintaining your athletic edge.

17 Sep

With the U.S. Open underway, Serena Williams and Roger Federer might be receiving all the attention for defying Father Time, but they aren’t the only players who seem to be thriving longer than expected. Away from the cameras, older amateurs are giving their younger counterparts unexpected competition.


Serena Williams, 37, regarded as one of the greatest doubles players of all time (Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) 

Be like Serena and Roger: Older amateurs offer tips for maintaining your athletic edge.

Chellsie Memmel Shares her 5-minute cardio circuit

6 Sep


Check out the video, and give her a follow if you want to see her adult gymnastics skills and her fitness circuits!

Chellsie Challenge


‘It Has Not Been An Easy Journey,’ Says Garcia of Comeback

16 Aug

“Getting my body to be prepared for competitive gymnastics has been hard because my body had already been done with gymnastics, but I had to convince it we weren’t,” she said. “It has not been an easy journey getting my gymnastics back from zero, but every day I feel more confident in the apparatus, regaining my elements, switching ones that do me and my back no good, and training new ones instead.”

‘It Has Not Been An Easy Journey,’ Says Garcia of Comeback – International Gymnast

These Athletes Train and Compete for AcroFit Montreal. Meet the team!

7 Aug

Wendy Lamb and Melanie Lalonde of AcroFit Montreal recently traveled to an adult camp in Portsmouth NH. They are two of the many members of team AcroFit!

AcroFit Montreal Masters Gymnastics:
Get Fit having FUN!!! All are welcome, No experience necessary! Join Us 🙂
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