Judging Guidelines

Each master’s meet may have its own rules. Here are some options.

  1. Canadian Adult Gymnastics Code –  In my opinion, this code is the best. It offers three levels: Level 1 for athletes who are new to gymnastics and competition, Level 2 for athletes who used to be in interclub competition and Level 3 athletes who used to compete at advanced Provincial (Regional) or National Levels. It even includes modified A skills. It’s so realistic and thoughtful.
  2. Fitnastics 
  3. AAU Gymnastics Rules – AAU includes a Ladie’s division for adults, no men’s division yet.
  4. NAIGC  – The purpose of the NAIGC is to expand opportunities for participation in the sport of gymnastics and to promote interaction among collegiate gymnastics clubs by providing structure for competition on local, regional, and national levels; facilitating communication; and building a community of support and camaraderie that encourages sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and fun. It’s judged using the same rules as USAG levels 6, 8 and 9 or NCAA with some modifications.


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