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Fun Drills on Air Floor

17 Aug

I love to see drills that save our bones from the pounding of tumbling on floor. TumbleTrak always does a nice job of finding out how gyms are really using their equipment. Aside from the tumbling, I like the drop in drills for free hips and drop kips (of course you don’t need an air floor for those). Some great ideas here:

Thanks to for the find.

Easy-on-the-Bones and Fun Drill for Back Tucks

13 Jun

I don’t know about you but, the older I get the more my fear of back tumbling grows and with that, my technique falters.

As long as you don’t get in a bad habit of undercutting, this looks like a fun, easy on the  joints, drill for setting and opening the hips.

And even if you never do another back tuck on the floor by yourself? Who cares?! The drill is fun and good exercise! Thanks for for blogging about this drill. And the wonderful folks at for making it.

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