‘It Has Not Been An Easy Journey,’ Says Garcia of Comeback

16 Aug

“Getting my body to be prepared for competitive gymnastics has been hard because my body had already been done with gymnastics, but I had to convince it we weren’t,” she said. “It has not been an easy journey getting my gymnastics back from zero, but every day I feel more confident in the apparatus, regaining my elements, switching ones that do me and my back no good, and training new ones instead.”

‘It Has Not Been An Easy Journey,’ Says Garcia of Comeback – International Gymnast

These Athletes Train and Compete for AcroFit Montreal. Meet the team!

7 Aug

Wendy Lamb and Melanie Lalonde of AcroFit Montreal recently traveled to an adult camp in Portsmouth NH. They are two of the many members of team AcroFit!

AcroFit Montreal Masters Gymnastics:
Get Fit having FUN!!! All are welcome, No experience necessary! Join Us 🙂

Toni-Ann Williams Overcomes Achilles Tear in swift timeline to resume elite competition post-NCAA

5 Aug

““I was definitely going to retire. I called my family and told them that I was finished. I was going to retire because I felt like I couldn’t take anymore heartbreak from gymnastics and injuries,” she reflected.”

I Was Done With Gymnastics! – Williams Shares Journey After Completing Comeback With First Pan Am Games Appearance “

Podcast Covering the Training Schedule of an Elite Adult Gymnast!

19 Jun

Kristal Bodenschatz was a three-time junior national gymnastics champion (1999, 2000, 2001). She joins Pam Majumdar on the new show superinfluence to talk about her comeback to the sport and her goal to make the 2020 Olympic team, after a hiatus of more than a decade.

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14 Jun

Oksana Chusovitina talked about why she still keeps going and how her mother’s disapproval was a big motivation for her.

Read the Interview

Fun Inside Look at an Adult Gymnastics Class

3 Jun

Check out this adult gymnastics class at Midwest Training and Ice in Dyer, Indiana! Working out is fun when you’re a gymnast 🙂

Former Elite Gymnast Kristal Bodenschatz Returns To Elite At Age 32

30 May


Kristal Bodenschatz knows her dream may never come true — and she’s OK with that. This journey has become a lot bigger than fulfilling that childhood goal.

“Just finding the love of something again — feeling happy and every day doing something that makes me happy, that makes me smile — is the best part of doing this again,” Bodenschatz says.

Hear all about how Krystal’s comeback is going.

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