Improving Handstand Shape – Home Conditioning

15 May

Improve Your Handstand Shape with Home Conditioning Here are my favorite tips on getting a straighter body handstand shape via flexibility improvements. Follow right along and try them while I teach. They can all be done at home with little to no equipment and for gymnasts of all levels. See your handstand shape improve from beginning to end of the workout!


Kat’s Journey into Adult Gymnastics

8 May

I love hearing stories like Kat’s, who competes with British Gymnastics. Kat had to stop the sport due to circumstances as a child and she’s loving the experience she’s having training and competing again. Follow her blog.


Improving Bridge at home…Without Bridges!

16 Apr

by Gina Paulhus, CPT. Owner, Home Bodies in-home fitness training

While working on holding a bridge over and over is one way to get better at it, many adult gymnasts find themselves stuck with their bridge progress – just not improving no matter how often they work bridges.

Others have pain in their back or shoulders when they try to work bridges, which makes it tough. However, there are other ways to get better at a bridge shape and unlock some of the skills that require that shape.

Check out this tutorial where I show you 8 stretches that you will be surprised to realize how much they help your bridge. Bonus – They can be done right at home!

Uptown Funk Home Core Workout

24 Mar

Just because you can’t train at your club doesn’t mean you can’t get stronger. Stay safe everyone.

Dulles Gymnastics Uptown Funk Abs

Press handstand work for beginners that can be worked at home.

12 Mar

Press Handstand for Beginners that can be worked at home or a fitness gym.

Here are some of the tips and drills I use to better my own presses. Thank you all so much for watching and please let me know if you have any questions! 


man in blue shorts tumble upside down

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50-year-old gymnast competing in first meet in 25 years

28 Feb

“It became an item on my bucket list, being in a gymnastics meet at the age of 50,” Cain said. “Who else can say they did that?”


The bigger question might be who else would want to.


Stafford Parks & Rec currently has eight students in its adult class, which started in October 2018, said Director Michael Morris. Most have been in their 20s and 30s.


50-year old gymnast will compete in first meet in 25 years.

A Day in the life of MyKayla Skinner

14 Feb

MyKayla Skinner made the choice to defer her senior year at NCAA in order to focus all her efforts on training in hopes of making the 2020 Olympics. This YouTube Channel will document her life in and out of the gym, as well as cover extra things she has to do as an adult gymnast to stay on top of her game. Watch the first full episode here.


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